Saturday, November 30, 2013

Winter Fonts and Thanksgiving Pledge

Thanksgiving was a really different experience for me this year. 

For the past several years I've worked retail during the holiday season. I got Thanksgiving day off to spend with my family, and then I went to work before the sun came up on Black Friday, so that was fun.

 Last year I wasn't working around Thanskgiving as I was a brand new mother, I still got to spend the holiday with my family, and then I got to sleep in on Black Friday. That was more fun.

This year, I'm working at a hotel. I recently volunteered to start helping in the restaurant. (I was really excited about getting tips. Silly me.) Anyways,  I didn't realize that meant that I would be scheduled
for our big Thanksgiving feast.

When I saw my name on the schedule for Thanksgiving day, I realized how much I had taken for granted all the Thanksgivings I got to spend with my family.

I missed Thanksgiving dinner with my parents, I missed visiting my husband's family, and hardest of all I missed my daughter's first time eating Thanksgiving turkey.
I'm a team player, so I can't complain about going into work. It sucked, but there's a lot of people who wouldn't have had a good Thanksgiving dinner if it wasn't for coming to places like the hotel for a good feast.

What really got me is seeing how many places, like Target, Michael's, Walmart, etc, were open Thanksgiving evening instead of waiting for Black Friday. I know how hard it was for me to give up family time to go to work. And what got me through without complaint was knowing that we were feeding people who might not be able to make their own food.

It makes me really sad that these places have put shopping over being thankful and spending time with the most important people in our lives.

It's bad enough that the day after we honor being thankful and giving we shove and push through Black Friday. But now we're skipping the thankful part all together?
I don't like it.

I understand that some people can't afford to take that day off so they need to work that day. I also understand that some people are far away from their families, so they don't really mind working the day. But I worked retail for four years and I have a lot of friends that still do, and let me tell you, most of those workers would rather be home with their loved ones on the holidays.

So this is my pledge for the years to come.
No shopping on Thanksgiving.
And if I'm ever in a situation where I'm working retail again,
I pledge to save up money through the year so that I don't have to depend on that day of work.
For the bigger picture of all the people who DO want to spend that day with their families.
If I must go crazy shopping, I pledge to wait until Black Friday.
I plan to do what I can to make a change and preserve the importance of Thanksgiving.
Because to me family is more important than a good shopping day.
I'd be happy for anyone to join me.

 Well now that I've written a book :)
(I got a little fired up, sorry).
December is here tomorrow! It's so exciting!

 I'm really hoping for a white Christmas.
We'll see.

Anyways, here's some of my favorite winter fonts.

There'll be parties// Clipper Script
Marshmellows// Curlygirl
And Caroling// Honey Script
Ghost stories// Sofia
Tales of the Glories// Pacifico
Christmases Long Ago// Father Frost
It's the Most// Janda Snickerdoodle
Wonderful// Roskrift
Time of the Year// Siesta Sunset
 photo SIGNATURE2_zpsffc8a79e.png

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