Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Stocking For My Tiny Human

 Growing up, my stocking was what I was most excited about Christmas morning.
All of my favorite presents were always in my stocking.
Concert tickets, phone, iPod, camera,
I always had that one really exciting thing in my stocking.
Now that I'm a momma and a wife, I have been on a mission
to create the BEST stockings for my little family.
Considering I have been living on Etsy lately,
they are basically getting an entire stocking full
of all the awesome things I find on there.

Here's a few of my favorites from my search of amazing for my cute little booger.
I wish I could get them all. Is that sad? I get very excited about cute things.

1. Elmo Cookies // pinkfrostingcookies // $36 for 12
6.  Robot Crayons // ivylanedesigns // $20 for 20

 photo SIGNATURE2_zpsffc8a79e.png

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  1. Hello! I'm newly following you via BL :)

    I love you blog.. it's so cute!

    Leanne *hugs*!!